Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The Strategtic Plan is a comprehensive analysis of the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland as an organization, the goals of the organization and the means by which we will achieve those goals. It is GSCM’s plan to become a bigger, better organization by 2015.

The Backstory

It all began January 6, 2007. Nearly 60 board members, volunteers and staff came together at a strategic planning retreat to celebrate the past accomplishments of the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland and in doing so, set the direction for the future.

The process used to gather input from the participants was called 2007-2010 Strategic Plan affirmative inquiry, which focuses on the positive rather than the negative. Throughout the day the participants, all stakeholders in the organization, shared their Girl Scouting experiences. We termed these experiences “life giving moments” and used them to build momentum and enthusiasm among the group. By the end of the day those in attendance had identified several key propositions and bold new ideas. The key propositions were used to develop the visioning statement, which will guide our organization for the next four years.

As you review this strategic plan, know that it is a collaborative effort of many, and that those who helped develop the plan are passionate about Girl Scouting and care deeply for our organization.


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