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Early Bird Registration for 2014—Troop Leaders
2014 Online Early Bird Membership Deadline is 11:59 PM June 14, 2013

Step 1: Prepare for Online Registration

Gather information from new members before sitting at the computer to register them

  • Do you know contact information (including e-mail) for each girl and guardian?
  • Do you have emergency contact information for the girls?
  • Do you know what grade and school they will be in August 2013?

Prepare to pay immediately online

  • Did you collect $22 for each girl and $15 for each adult registration?
    (Girl cost  = $15 to GSUSA, $7 council service fee)
  • Do you have a troop check card, VISA or Mastercard?

Step 2: Add/Register New Members

  • Log in to account and click on Troop Management
  • Click “Add Girl” or “Add Adult” button
  • Complete information about the new members and click Create Profile
    If you receive a duplicate customer warning when creating the new member, contact the SU Registrar to see if they have previously been in Girl Scouts.
  • Choose the membership product and click Add to Cart
  • Complete the additional information and click Save & Continue to Shopping Cart
    If you have more than one person to add to the troop, you can click Save & Continue to Troop Hub.
  • Click on Shopping Cart, check out, and pay for memberships.
[pullquote align=”right”]Why register during Early Bird?

  • Each girl who is registered (or re-registered) during Early Bird receives a special and rocker.
  • Your troop will earn an extra five cents per box of cookies sold in the fall. That means more funds for your troop to travel, have parties, finish service projects and more! [/pullquote]

Step 3: Renew Existing Memberships for 2014

  • Log in to account and click on Troop Management
  • Check the boxes next to each member you want to register. Then select Renew from the Action drop down menu.
  • The 2014 memberships will go straight into your shopping cart. Before checking out, you must update information for each girl.
  • Click on the red add or green edit button next to each girl to update or review information.
  • You can scroll down to the bottom of your order to enter credit information.
  • Click on process payment to complete your order
  • Print your receipt
  • Be sure to select an update your position code, this will ensure you have the needed access to the system.
  • Be sure to update your troop meeting information
  • Be sure your end of year financial paperwork is in order (for returning troops) or that your troop account is in place (for new troops)

2014 TIPS and TOOLS

*Step by step screen shots can be found in the registration handbook.

New! Training Videos

Need some help understanding our online registration system? Try our new online training videos.

Financial Assistance

Early Bird registrations that request financial assistance will need to be done on paper applications. These forms are due to the Membership & Community Development Specialist on June 14, 2013.

EarlyBird_2014_rewardsEarly Bird Incentives

Girls will earn a patch and a rocker if they Early Bird register by June 14, 2013. Early Bird Patch Form Patches will be distributed in September.
Download the Early Bird flier for more information.Early Bird Registration is between April 12 and June 14, 2013

Every girl who registers for the 2013/14 school year by June 14, 2013 will receive an Early Bird patch and a 2014 worm rocker.

If a troop registers 50% or more of your active girls (minimum of five girls per troop) and an adult troop/group leader and troop cookie manager registered by June 14 2013.

  • Each girl with get an Early Bird patch and 2014 worm rocker.
  • The troop will earn an extra five cents per box of cookies sold in the fall.

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