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00-100 Archives Gift Agreement – Form used to document items that are donated to the GSCM History and Archive Committee (both the donor and the Archive Committee get a copy of the form). Revised:

00-101 Items Loaned to History Archives – Form used to document items that are being loaned to the GSCM History and Archive Committee (both the donor and the Archive Committee get a copy of the form).

00-218 Nominating Committee Referral – Form to recommend someone to the Nominating Committee to be considered for a position on the Board of Directors, Nominating Committee, or as a National Council Delegate.

00-221 GSCM Council Policies Booklet – Resource for Girl Scout volunteers with Financial and Money Earning Policies and GSCM Volunteer policies. Overview of Changes on Council Policies.

00-600 Crisis Communications Plan – Procedures and standards for volunteers to follow in certain situations in the event of a crisis, emergency or serious accident.

00-600a Emergency Procedures Card (front) – The front of the emergency procedures card (6 to a page).

00-600b Emergency Procedures Card (back) The back of the emergency procedures card (6 to a page).

00-805 Consistent Interpretation Messages – Outlines 12 messages about Girl Scout membership needing consistent interpretation.

00-2010a Adult Registration

00-2010b Girl Registration

00-2010c Membership Dues Summary

02-002 Parent/Guardian Permission Forms To be used when a troop leaves the meeting place.

02-206 Troop/Group Sponsorship Agreement A signed agreement with an individual or business to support a specific Girl Scout Troop/Group.

02-206a Five Steps to Troop Sponsorship

02-207 Permission for Troop Group Money Earning – Form to use to get approval to do a money-earning activity. MUST BE SUBMITTED IN TRIPLICATE.

02-209 Guidelines for Using Troop Funds Guidelines for appropriate use of Troop/Group funds with reference to Safety-Wise and Blue Book of Basic Documents.

02-210 Troop/Group Resources Inventory

02-211 How Families, Friends, Community Can Help – A list of ways that families, friends and community members may support Girl Scout Troops/Groups and GSCM.

02-217 Troop/Group Roster – A form to list all the members of a Troop/Group.

02-218 Troop-Group Status Report – End of year report used to provide information about the leadership role of a Troop/Group, the Troop meeting place and time for the upcoming year and girl bridging information.

02-0218a Troop/Group Annual Report Financial Information – End of year report that provides a financial accounting of income and expenses for the year for a Troop/Group.

02-228 Request for Certificate of Insurance – Form needed to request a certificate of insurance; request should be made 20 days prior to the start of an event.

02-261 Girl’s Record A comprehensive record of a girl’s registration, camping and service record as well as events attended, training taken and individual achievements.

02-264 Troop/Group Attendance Record – Form to keep track of attendance; the record is the property of the Troop/Group to which the record applies.

02-265 Troop/Group Dues Record – Form to keep track of dues paid by each member of the Troop/Group.

02-266 Detailed Cash Record of Troop/Group – Form used to record income and expenses for a Troop/Group.

02-407 Volunteer Expense Reimbursement – Form used to record volunteer expenses for reimbursement by GSCM (requires staff signature and approval).

02-779 Health History Record Form to be filled out each year to update medical information for each registered girl and adult in a Troop/Group.

02-828 Resource Packet for Trips/Travel The Trip Application is needed when Troop/Group takes an extended trip of three nights or more. This form is also used when traveling by rental van or chartered transportation.

02-1602 Troop-Group Meeting Planning Sheet – A form to outline activities/business for one meeting from the Opening to the Closing.

02-1603 Troop-Group Monthly Planner – Easy way to plan meetings for each week during the month.

02-1604 Troop-Group Year Planning Chart – A year at a glance way to plan your Troop/Group events.

02-1605 Ceremony Chart – Outlines a ceremony from the room set-up to who is responsible for each part of the ceremony.

02-1617 Budget Worksheet – Form used when determining income and expenses for an event at the Troop/Group, Service Unit, or Council level.

02-1758 GSCM Bank Account Information – Form to list Troop/Group bank, account # and signers.

02-1761 New Leader Quick Guide – Booklet to guide new Leaders through some basic events that occur throughout Girl Scouting.

02-1780 Welcome to Girl Scout Leadership

03-115 Service Unit Manager Position Description Outlines duties & responsibilities of the SUM.

03-116 Troop/Group Coordinator Position Outlines duties & responsibilities of this position.

03-201 Request Numeral Guards  – Form to request membership pins and/or numeral guards for adult volunteers. Goes to the Membership Specialist.

03-220 Service Unit/Cluster Financial Information – End of year report of the finances of a Service Unit/Cluster.

03-236 Troop/Group Leader/Co Position Description – Outlines the duties & responsibilities of a Leader/Co-Leader.

03-286 Event Packet – The purpose of this resource is to provide you with some basic guidelines that will help you put on a successful and safe event for the troop/Group level, Service Units or Council-Wide.

03-286h Detailed Cash Record—Service Unit Events

03-300 Facts About GSCM and GSUSA – A brief overview of Girl Scouting and what GSCM has to offer and facts about Girl Scouts of the USA.

03-302 Minor Photo Release This form gives GSCM the right to use photos taken of girls and adults at Girl Scout events in GSCM publications and on its website.

03-303 Adult Photo Release – This form gives GSCM the right to use photos taken of girls and adults at Girl Scout events in GSCM publications and on its website.

03-320 Volunteer Appointment – A form signed by the Service Unit Manager or Membership Specialist that appoints a volunteer to a specific position.

03-321 Service Team Appointment – A form signed by the Membership Specialist or GSCM staff member that appoints the Service Unit Manager to their position.

03-322 Task Sheet for Membership Year – This outlines the job assignment for a specific volunteer.

03-323 Volunteer Application Form – The form filled out by any person interested in a volunteer position with GSCM.

03-328 Troop/Group Committee Member Position Description – A form that describes the duties & responsibilities for anyone interested in serving as a Troop/Group committee member.

03-329 Troop/Group Committee Chairperson Description – Form that describes the duties & responsibilities for anyone interested in serving as a committee chairperson.

03-330 Volunteer Opportunities – List of different ways volunteers can serve GSCM.

03-423 SU Registration Batch Form – Form used by the Service Unit Registrar for deposits of more than one troop.

03-506 Service Unit Membership Registrar Position Description – Outlines the duties and responsibilities of this position.

03-701 Meeting Agenda Form – Form used to help a person presiding over a meeting to plan their agenda and allow enough time for each section.

03-828 Trip Application – Application is to be used by all Girl Scout Levels when taking an all day trip and simple overnight trip taken out of the state of Maryland, and for Juniors through Ambassadors when taken a trip of three or more nights within the continental United States.

03-1717 Cluster Annual Report – End of year report for a Cluster.

03-1718 Service Unit Annual Report – End of year report for a Service Unit.

03-1719 Troop/Group Information for Next Year Form to list the Troops/Groups in a Cluster and/or Service Unit; used with forms (03-1717) & (03-1718).

03-1762 Service Unit Plan of Work Overview – The Service Unit Plan of Work is intended to help you evaluate your success and in partnership with you Membership Specialist, map-out your Service Unit goals for the upcoming year

03-1763 Volunteer Application Process Instructions

04-401 Local and National Penpal Program – Use this form when requesting a Local or National Pen Pal Troop. NOTE:  This program requires at least a one year commitment.

04-268 Scholarships for Girl Scouts

04-629 Girl Scout Gold Award Girl Guidelines – Contains the steps necessary for Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors to plan and apply for approval of their Gold Award project.

04-631 Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Leadership Awards – This resource describes the different Leadership Awards that older girls are able to earn.

04-632 Community Service Bar Approval – Explanation for the Community Service Bars and project approval form.

04-636 Silver Award Booklet – Contains the steps necessary for Girl Scout Cadettes to plan and submit their Silver Award Project for review.

04-638 Bronze Award Girl Guidelines– Guide for Earning the Girl Scout Bronze Award

04-800 Girl Scout Appendix – Travel Resources, Handouts and Forms, revision date.

04-801 Adult Guide Girl Scout Global Travel – Adult Guide to Girl Scout Global Travel, Serves as a companion to The Girl Scout Guide to Global Travel and The Girl Scout Travel Log, revision date.

04-802 Girl Scout Travel Log – A journal for girls to record their travel experiences – before, during, and after your trip, revision date.

04-803 Girl Scout Guide to Global Travel– This guide takes girls through the steps of planning their own international group trip. It’s filled with tips for traveling abroad, revision date.

04-810 SWAPS – Information on what SWAPS are and a list of ideas for making swaps.

04-903 Request for Resources – The form used to request resources & materials from the Volunteer Resource Center.

04-1121 Financial Assistance Application – Form used to apply for financial assistance to attend Girl Scout activities they could not otherwise afford.

04-1122 Financial Assistance Helpful Tips – Sample of currently sponsored financial aid items.

04-3108 Permission to Participate in Sensitive Issues Discussion

04-3119 Bridging to Ambassador – Requirements for earning the Bridge to Girl Scout Ambassador.

05-015 SHARE Awards Form – Realization recognizes the first Service Unit to achieve their SHARE goal in a geographic area and Enterprising Innovation recognizes successful SHARE promotion in a new and innovative way.

05-101 Matching Gift Flyer
Informational flyer on how Troops/Groups can benefit from the Matching Gift Program.

05-103 Tribute Roses and Cards – An explanation of and order form to purchase Tribute Roses and/or Cards through GSCM In Honor/Memory of someone.

05-510 Family SHARE Programs Ideas – List of ideas to encourage SHARE participation.

05-512 SHARE Resource Manual – Resource Manual for Troop/SHARE Leader for SHARE Annual Giving Campaign.

05-518 Family SHARE Donation Log

06-100 Adult Recognitions Digest

06-104 The Thanks Badge – Nomination form and process to nominate an adult for the Thanks Badge.

06-115 Black-Eyed Susan Award

06-116 Appreciation Pin – Coversheet and Nomination form for Appreciation Pin.

06-118 Daisy Award– Nomination form and process to nominate an adult who serves Troops/Groups, Service Units, Council or Girl Scouts in a supporting role

06-120 The Honor Pin – Nomination form and process to nominate an adult for the Honor Pin.

06-200 Phi Strappelli Brochure Information about the Phi Strappelli Award

06-201 Phi Strappelli Application – Forms used to apply to the Leadership Development Fund for a project. Three reference forms are needed to complete the application process

06-202 Thelma Banks Cox Brochure – Information about the Thelma Banks Cox Award.

06-202a Thelma Banks Cox Troop Application – Form used to apply to the Academic Achievement Award.

06-202b Thelma Banks Cox Individual Girl Application – Form used to apply to the Academic Achievement Award.

07-100 Request to Use Waterfront Equipment

07-127 Incident Accident Report Form – Report form to be completed and mailed to GSCM within 48 hours of an Incident/Accident.

07-147 Guide to Council Properties – Resource listing council properties/directions/facilities.

07-204 Youth Group Pass Application – The process and application for Troops/Groups/Service Units to apply for a Youth Group Pass to use at MD State Parks

07-1273 Girl Health Examination Record – Medical form used for a Wider Opportunity and/or International Travel experience

08-1423 Adult Development Training Card – The form used to document an adult volunteer’s participation in Adult Development Training courses/workshops.

08-1466 Training Registration – Form used to register for Adult Development Training Courses.

08-1602 First Aider Registration – Form used to verify the credentials of Registered Nurses, Physicians, Paramedics, Physician’s Assistants, and Emergency Personnel listed as a Troop/Group First Aider.

08-1722 Welcome to Girl Scout Leadership – For new leaders to use at the Meet and Greet with your Service Team or your Membership & Community Development Specialist.

08-1730 Troop Camp Exemption


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