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Summer Camp FAQ

The benefits of Girl Scout Camp
Who are the summer camp staff and leadership?
How do I know if my daughter is ready for resident camp?
Who may attend Girl Scout resident camp?
How much does it cost to send my child to camp?
What is the policy on cancelations and refunds?
How do we choose a camp session?
What do I Pack, what can I expect each week/tips from the Professionals?
What are the facilities like?
What are sleeping arrangements like?
What if my child has accidents in her sleep?
Are medical exams required?
What is GSCM’s Nit/Lice Policy?
Can my camper stay with a friend while at camp?
Can camp accommodate special needs campers?
What if my child needs special accommodations? (allergies, medical, etc.)
What happens if I am late for camp, need to pick up my camper early or we can't make it to camp at the last minute?
Is bus transportation available for resident camp?
What is A Typical Day at Camp?
How do I get to Camp Conowingo?
What is the Camp Conowingo address?
How can I access Bunk1 to view photos and send e-mails to campers?
What happens if my child gets injured while at camp?
What is ACA (American Camp Association)?

For more information about the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland’s Summer Camp programs, email Kelly Bozard at

Troop Camping

Do volunteers need special training to go camping with girls?
What camps are available for troop camping?
Where can I find rules and guidelines for Troop Camping?

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