Cookies from the Heart

Show your appreciation for your community heroes with Girl Scout Cookies! Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies donated to Cookies from the Heart will be delivered to nurses and health care professionals who provide comfort to patients and work long hours, holidays and weekends to be there when we need them. It’s our way of saying ‘thanks’ for all that they do!

Click here to donate to Cookies from the Heart online.

When you donate a box of cookies, not only are you saying ‘thanks’ to local heroes, you’re also supporting girls in your community.

You’re helping them develop leadership skills that last a lifetime, work on community service projects, and make the world a better place.

The Girl Scout Cookie sale builds leadership skills in girls that last a lifetime. Girls learn to set goals, make a plan, talk in front of a crowd and pitch their ideas.

Girl Scout Samantha used the leadership skills she learned in the Girl Scout Cookie sale to earn herself a spot as a 2012 Distinguished Woman Shadow Girl, a competitive Girl Scout program that gives girls the unique opportunity to be mentored by a woman leader in the Baltimore area.

Samantha, who was born premature, had long aspired to become a pediatric nurse and was even enrolled in a pre-nursing program at her high school. She said she was influenced by the nurses who had cared for her as a baby and the lasting relationships she had formed maintained with them.

When Samantha was chosen as a DW Shadow, she was paired with Distinguished Woman Honoree, Bonnie Phipps, CEO of St. Agnes Hospital. It was a perfect match. Samantha toured the hospital, met the head of pediatrics at St. Agnes and was offered the opportunity to shadow other health care professionals in the hospital to gain more experience.

“I feel like I’ve gained so much experience just being in the hospital and being able to tour because you can’t see something like that every day,” Samantha said.

By donating to Cookies from the Heart, not only are you saying thanks to nurses, you’re also supporting girls like Samantha—girls of courage confidence and character who will become our future leaders in health care and all industries.


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