Cookies from the Heart

Show your appreciation for your community heroes with Girl Scout Cookies! Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies donated to Cookies from the Heart will be delivered to local teachers who  work to prepare children for successful futures. Like Girl Scout volunteers, teachers serve as role models and have a lasting impact on the lives of the children they work with. Say thanks to the teachers that make a difference to children in your community.

Click here to donate to Cookies from the Heart online.

When you donate a box of cookies, not only are you saying ‘thanks’ to local heroes, you’re also supporting girls in your community.

You’re helping them develop leadership skills that last a lifetime, work on community service projects, and make the world a better place.

After nearly 50 years, Yvonne Gambrill’s dream of becoming a Girl Scout came true. Flashback to the late 1950s at Robert Moten Elementary School (Carroll County, MD)…
Yvonne was in the 2nd grade looking forward to participating in the many school activities offered, and of course, eager to be an outstanding student. She would sit in her classroom and marvel at the uniforms—complete with sashes, pins and beanie—that some of her fellow classmates would occasionally wear to school. Yvonne quickly decided that she
wanted to be a member of this “club” so that she could wear a uniform, sash, pins
and beanie just like the other girls. “This was something I always wanted to do,” she
remembered. But due to circumstances beyond her control, it wasn’t until Girl Scout Corina, a 3rd grader in her class, heard Mrs. Gambrill’s story that her dream came true.

Mrs. Gambrill was teaching her students about Martin Luther King, Jr., the civil rights movement and her personal connection to segregation. She told her class about a time when she was a little girl and had to ride in the back of the trains from Union Bridge to Westminster because of segregation. She also shared that because of segregation, she was not able to be a Girl Scout.

Truly impacted by her story, Girl Scout Brownie Corina knew she had to take action.

She thought about it and decided that Mrs. Gambrill needed to become a Girl Scout Brownie. Corina told her troop about Mrs. Gambrill’s story and they came up with a plan. On the evening of June 7, 2010, Mrs. Gambrill received her Brownie pin and sash along with the other members of Troop 169.

“I am touched that I made a difference in their lives,” Mrs. Gambrill said. “They saw a wrong and they wanted to make it right; it really warms my heart.”


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