Chemistry in the Kitchen (Cadettes – Ambassadors)

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Chemistry in the Kitchen (Cadettes – Ambassadors)
April 5, 2014 1:30 pm
August 14, 2013

In this exciting, new program, girls of all ages can learn more about how cooking and baking are based on some of the most basic ideas of science. Girls will determine the differences in chemical and physical reactions as they change sugar to delicious caramel candy, bake cupcakes, or even make a soda explosion! Older girls will experiment with chromatography and find out about the make-up of some of their favorite candy, while younger girls will learn about density as they create their own liquid totem. Each girl will leave this event with a book full of fun chemistry experiments to do both in the kitchen and all around the house with friends or family members.

Who: Girl Scout Daisies-Ambassadors
Cost: $10


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