Over the River (An Amazing Race)

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Over the River (An Amazing Race)
April 26, 2014 12:00 pm
Paula Thayer
August 13, 2013
TBD in Annapolis

Are you a fan of The Amazing Race? Enter this challenge and form a team (up to 5 people) to test yourself in this Amazing Race! Discover what you know and didn’t know about the history, culture, amazement, and oddities of Annapolis, MD! Travel by car and by foot and be prepared for mental and physical team and individual challenges. Work together to earn clues to the AMAZING grand finale with team prizes and a party at the final pit stop!

Register by November 8, 2013 (May be limited to first 20 teams to register. Warning—the last team to register may be eliminated!)

Who: Girl Scout Juniors-Ambassadors with accompanying adults
Cost: $100 per team (teams include up to 5 people, girls and adults; teams must include at least 2 adults)
Where: Starting line and final pit stop TBD.
To Register: Contact Paula Thayer at pdthayer@verizon.net


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