Resident Camp – Session 1

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Resident Camp – Session 1
June 16, 2014
June 20, 2014
January 13, 2014
Camp Conowingo

Grades 2-3

Teddy & me
Pack your favorite teddy bear for this camp adventure. After spending time at the pool, making crafts, singing songs and exploring nature girls will find out where all the teddy bears go for their picnic at conowingo. Make your own teddy bear and feast at the teddy bear picnic. A great week for the first-time camper.

$265  if you register by March 1
$285 to register after March 1

Grades 4-5

Just Camp!
Come and do it all! Designed for both first-timers and return campers, this session lets you have fun at camp for a short week! Sing songs, cook over a campfire, go swimming, hiking and more. You will get the chance to make new friends, do cool arts & crafts projects, play fun games, and try everything that is camp conowingo. Don’t forget to try the s’mores!

$279 if you register by March 1
$300 to register after March 1

Saddles, paddles and arrows
You will spend your time enjoying horses, archery and canoeing this week. Learn the fundamentals of canoeing and take two trips to the horse stables for corral rides. Top it off with a bulls-eye in archery class. Swimming, making crafts and going on nature hikes are all a part of this adventure-filled week. (horses may not be ridden in excessive heat. If this occurs, other activities will be offered during that time.)

$312 if you register before March 1
$335 to  register after March 1

Grades 6-8

Conowingo chillin’
Are you feeling stressed out these days? Come out to conowingo to relax and chill while learning tips and techniques for taking care of yourself.  Girls will be able to pamper themselves this week by turning their unit into a camp spa. Relax with soothing music, learn about healthy eating, make natural beauty products, and enjoy activities like floating in the pool, writing in your journal and unwinding with yoga. Girls will also be able to spend time enjoying regular camp activities like crafts, nature hikes and campfires. Come chill with us while working on the eating for beauty badge.

$312 if you register by March 1
$335 to register after March 1

Survivor girl
Survival skills meet science as girls survive their troop’s (make-believe) camping trip in yellowstone national park.  Although scientists didn’t predict it, an earthquake shook the troop’s tents for two minutes, broke the water pumps, and disrupted the generators in the park. To make matters worse, all cell phones are dead and the girls can’t call for help.  The worst part is that the troop’s animal-proof food box fell down a ravine.  As a troop, the girls must develop a wind-powered crank to lift their food box, create a water filter to clean water for drinking, build a shelter to withstand any aftershocks, and design a car prototype that will make it over the terrain to deliver their message to potential rescuers.  Along with learning how to survive in the wild, girls will experience various science, technology, and engineering activities, such as extracting dna from strawberries, creating working circuits, and launching paper rockets.

$330 if you register by March 1
$355 to register after March 1

Grades 9-12

You can’t do that at camp!
Be prepared for some awesome fun during this camp session! Watch movies, sing songs, stay up late, do some yoga, listen to music and even eat delivered pizza!  Of course, you’ll also want to participate in some of the activities you can do at camp—like crafts, swimming, canoeing, ropes and archery. You plan your week because you can do that at camp.

$307 if you register by March 1
$330 to register after March 1


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