Resident Camp – Session 3

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Resident Camp – Session 3
June 29, 2014
January 13, 2014
Camp Conowingo

Grades 2-3

Gadgets, gizmos and goo!
How can you turn everyday items into amazing gadgets, gizmos, and goo? Explore the fun of science as you make ice cream, glow water, ooey gooey slime and fizzy explosions! Discover how to grow crystals or capture the energy in the air to make a hovercraft hover! Turn your days inside out with crazy fun while you enjoy all the fun of camp conowingo with new friends. Remember to take a break from experimenting to enjoy your favorite camp activities like swimming, hiking, crafts and more! Girls will work on their home scientist badge.

$279 if you register by March 1
$300 to register after March 1

Grades 4-5

Camp sampler
Head out to camp and spend this short week trying out everything camp conowingo has to offer! Meet up with new friends and spend your time going on creek hikes, conquering the ropes course, seeing the view from the top of the rock wall, and cooking a meal over the campfire. Don’t forget to save some time for a visit to the stables for a corral ride, arts and crafts, and of course swimming too!! (horses may not be ridden in excessive heat. If this occurs, other activities will be offered during that time.)

$279  if you register by March 1
$300 to register after March 1

Recycle runway
Head to camp this week to learn how you can help create a sustainable environment and look great while doing it! Combine style, imagination and eco-consciousness to create one-of-a-kind clothing designs from recyclable materials.  Work together with your fellow eco-fashionistas to learn ways you can reduce waste by creating beautiful and fun objects from reusable materials. Several materials will be provided, but bring anything you would like to add or reuse from old t-shirts and dresses to candy wrappers and plastic bags. There will also be plenty of time this week for swimming, hiking, and low ropes too! Girls will work on the jeweler badge and sections of the get moving journey.

$307  if you register by March 1
$330 to register after March 1

Grades 6-8

Aqua adventures
Water, water everywhere so make waves! Girls will spend their short week at camp enjoying as many water activities as possible including canoeing, creek hikes, slip ‘n’ slide and sprinkler games. But, it doesn’t stop there, they will also have the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely floating lunch and enjoy a twilight swim in the pool.

$316 if you register by March 1
$340 to register after March 1

Girls go tech
This week at camp, learn about green design and in the process develop science and engineering skills. Girls will construct a dream studio from start to finish – from brainstorming an idea and creating a floor plan, to building with green materials. Girls will begin this unit by doing different activities that stress human impact on the environment and the current strategies people implement to reduce this impact. Through construction and planning, explore and reflect on energy usage at home and consider ways in which you can change habits and lessen environmental impact.

$325 if you register by March 1
$350 to register after March 1

Grades 9-12

You can’t do that at camp!
Be prepared for some awesome fun during this camp session! Watch movies, sing songs, stay up late, do some yoga, listen to music and even eat delivered pizza!  Of course, you’ll also want to participate in some of the activities you can do at camp—like crafts, swimming, canoeing, ropes and archery. You plan your week because you can do that at camp.

$307 if you register by March 1
$330 to register after March 1

Outdoor artisan
Express your creative side during this short week! Use nature as your inspiration to create art. Take time to be outdoors and enjoy its peacefulness. Learn how to use art to express your feelings. Work on two-dimensional pieces as well as your own personal sketchbook. As a group, create a sculpture out of recyclable materials or a portable mural for display. Girl scout seniors will work on the textile artist badge and girl scout ambassadors will work on the photography badge.

$307 if you register by March 1
$330 to register after March 1


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