Resident Camp – Session 7

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Resident Camp – Session 7
July 27, 2014
January 8, 2014
Camp Conowingo

Grades 2-3

Water fun
Come meet new friends above and under the sea this week. You and your new two-legged friends will become mermaids and swim into all kinds of adventures. You will make your own bubble wands, spend extra time in the pool and find new underwater friends on a creek hike. Go on a scavenger hunt for sunken pirate treasures and sing all day long. Catch your breath on land when you go on hikes, make sea treasure crafts and relax by the pool.

$302  if you register by March 1
$325 to register after March 1

Grades 4-5

Mix n’ match
Mix n’ match your way through the week with a bit of everything for the first-time camper! Get creative with arts and crafts, spend a session canoeing, learn about nature, get on a horse and go on a corral ride, challenge yourself to get up the rock wall and meet new friends while roasting s‘mores around the camp fire.  (horses may not be ridden in excessive heat. If this occurs, other activities will be offered during that time.)

$348  if you register by March 1
$375 to register after March 1

Adventure sports
Do you like all things adventure? During this “extreme” week, you and your team will test your skills on the ropes course, improve your rock climbing technique, learn the basics of canoeing, and aim for the bull’s-eye in archery.  Your group will also choose from a variety of other fun activities such as non-stop cricket, pool volleyball, hula hooping, basketball, and soccer. All of this on top of your favorite camp activities like swimming, creek hikes and more! You will work on your practice with purpose legacy badge.

$340  if you register by March 1
$365 to register after March 1

Hogwoods: camp of magic
Are you tired of the muggle world? Then join your sister magicians at conowingo for a week filled with adventure and magic. Find yourself sorted into your “house” (buddies will be kept in the same “house”) before participating in a number of amazing activities. Try your hand at divination, see if you can read your cookie crumbs, study magical creatures, and participate in wizard duels. Take a break to watch a harry potter movie with some popcorn and participate in your favorite camp activities like swimming, campfires and more!

$330  if you register by March 1
$355 to register after March 1

Pajama party
Come discover the world that comes to life at night. While other campers are sleeping, you’ll search for creatures active at night; watch for shooting stars in the night sky and go for a twilight swim. Campers will sleep in, go to bed late and have plenty of time to enjoy the fun at camp, just on a different schedule.

$320 i if you register by March 1
$345 to register after March 1

Grades 6-8

Choose your own
Spend this week deciding with your group what you would like to do. Choose from all the activities conowingo has to offer. You could be rock climbing in the morning, horseback riding in the afternoon and canoeing into the early evening. Or, you could be on the ropes course for a while, take a break in the pool and then do arts and crafts. It is up to you to create your own adventure this week!

$300 if you register by March 1
$355 to register after March 1

Homemade by you
There is so much cool stuff out there that you can make yourself and we will show you how! Make your own paper and then learn how to make it into a book. You will also make your own candles, learn scrapbooking tips and make your own lip-gloss. If the wild raspberries and blackberries are ready, we may can our own jam for you to take home. When you need a break, no worries, you can head over to the pool, ropes or just enjoy nature!  Girls in this session should bring four 4×6 photos. You will work on the book artist badge.

$340 if you register by March 1
$363 to register after March 1

The Pennsylvania Expedition
Camp Conowingo is only three miles from the Pennsylvania border and the heart of the Pennsylvania dutch country. Come experience and explore this diverse and interesting area through its people, its food and amusement park. You will spend each night at camp but each day will bring a new adventure. You’ll  visit different farm stands and even go on a tour of a local farm; learn about the amish people and even ride in an amish buggy drawn by horses; spend a day exploring the food and satisfy your sweet tooth with ice cream from the Strasburg Creamery, then learn how pretzels are made during a pretzel bakery tour. If there is time (and room in your stomach), the Herr’s potato chip factory tour will be your last stop of the day. After all of this, you’re going to have to work off some of the delicious food with a trip to Hershey Park where you will spend the day on the amusement rides. Talk about an expedition!

$452 if you register by March 1
$485 to register after March 1

Grades 9-12

The Glee Project
Tell the world who you are! If you like to dance, sing, write, or act, then this is where you want to be. From karaoke and comedy to posing and poetry, explore many types of self-expression. Design an interpretive dance, create a song, and put it to music or write your own poetry or short story and perform for all of camp. This is a chance for you to be you!

$340 if you register by March 1
$365 to register after March 1



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