Riding Camp – Session 5 – FULL

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Riding Camp – Session 5 – FULL
July 13, 2014
January 13, 2014
Camp Conowingo


About GSCM riding camp

Whether you’ve been riding for years, are just starting lessons, or simply love horses, we have a riding level just right for you!  New this year at riding camp, girls entering grades 4-12 will experience the joy and adventure of english horseback riding in a safe and comfortable environment.  Conowingo’s equestrian staff have previous experience teaching horseback riding and will provide close and constant supervision during all aspects of the riding program

In the new horseback riding program, campers will be broken into four levels of experience. All program levels will focus on level appropriate horsemanship and horse care.  On every full day of camp, girls will have time in the stables learning about horse health care and riding time to work on skills in the ring and out on the trails. Girls will also learn the care and management of horses, hands on, by helping conowingo’s equestrian staff with feeding, cleaning, and grooming. Riding campers will also participate in other camp activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, nature exploration and the ropes course, as time allows.

Horses may not be ridden in excessive heat or other conditions that would make riding unsafe for campers or horses.  If this occurs, other activities will be offered during that time.

Cost to register : $395 before 3/1; $425 after 3/1

How will it work?

Riding camp will be offered each session this summer.  After arriving for their session, girls will complete a written assessment of their experience, riding ability, and horse knowledge.  After the assessment, girls will be placed in the most appropriate skill level.  Each level will be given the opportunity to participate in activities, games, and challenges appropriate to their skill level both on and off the horse.

Please note: camp staff may change a girl’s riding level at any point during the week based on their assessment of her riding ability. This is to ensure her safety, as well as the safety of all riders at camp.

Level 1
Campers do not need any previous horse experience. In this level, girls will learn topics such as, but not limited to, the basics of horsemanship, horse sense, rules for safe riding, parts of the horse and tack, approaching, leading, saddling and bridling, mounting and dismounting, basic riding position, and basic aids and horse control. Girls will use these skills to play horse games and to venture out of the ring and onto conowingo’s trails.

Level 2
Campers need minimal horse experience and must be able to control a horse at a walk. In this level, girls will learn the basics of trail riding and use the skills they have to compete in various games in the ring as well as learning the trot. Girls will also expand their knowledge of horse colors and markings and horse behavior.

Level 3
Campers need to be comfortable around horses and have some experience.  They must be able to groom and tack with limited assistance, mount and dismount without assistance, and control a horse at a trot. In this level, girls will spend most of their riding time outside of the ring on the conowingo trails and the time spent in the ring will be focused on games and exercises. When not riding, girls will focus on areas such as basic horse first aid and horse behavior that will help them to become a stronger, more confident rider.

Level 4
Campers must be experienced and comfortable around horses. They must be able to groom and tack a horse without assistance, control a horse at the walk, trot, and canter, and safely ride in a group.  In this level, girls will use their riding ability to explore the trails, play games, and try new things that you can’t always do in a standard lesson program. Girls will also expand their knowledge of horse behavior and psychology, first aid, and everyday horse care.

Wit 1 & 2
Wrangler in training by application only – ambassadors, grades 11 or 12
Campers must be experienced and comfortable working with horses.  Campers must be able to ride with control and balance and to ride a variety of horses.  As a wit, girls will not only expand their knowledge of horses and horse care, but will learn how to pass that knowledge onto younger campers.  Girls will assist with instruction in horse care, horse sense, and horse behavior and help to lead trail rides and other activities.  Any level of rider can be a wit as long as they are comfortable around horses and willing to learn.


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