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Girl Scouts of Central Maryland introduces girls of every age to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities that are relevant to everyday life. Whether they’re discovering the chemistry of their favorite foods, becoming math whizzes, or learning about careers in STEM fields, girls are moving forward into the future. They can learn techniques used by forensic scientists, build robots, plan for space exploration, design buildings and more.

Check out our events calendar to find out when our STEM programs are offered. Here are some of our current STEM programs:

STEM Programs

TechbridgeTechbridge: Design Time
Techbridge and Girl Scouts of Central Maryland have joined together to offer five hands-on programs-in-a-box to inspire girls in science and engineering: Green Design, Design Time, Power it Up! Circuitry and Engineering, Engineers to the Rescue, and Thrill Builders. These projects are offered in boxes and include all the materials you need for each Techbridge activity. Training on how to use the boxes is provided to leaders and volunteers by Council staff and Techbridge trainers. Check out our Techbridge page to learn more.

First LEGO League
Guided by adult mentors and their own imaginations, FLL students solve real-world engineering challenges and develop important life skills. FLL provides students age 9-14 with a hands-on, interactive robotics program in a sports-like atmosphere. Teams of up to 10 players focus on team building, problem solving, creativity, and analytical thinking to develop solutions to a problem currently facing the world. Contact STEM Specialist Stephanie Alphee at for more information about joining GSCM’s First LEGO League team.

Science is Fun
Science is Fun, offered to girls in grades K to 3 and 4 to 8, is designed to run for six weeks and each session focuses on a technology and /or science subject that provides opportunities for girls to engage and interact in the various learning activities provided to acquire new knowledge and skill sets.
Please note: This program is mainly available for in-school use but can also be used for single troops and various other groups.  For more information, please contact STEM Specialist Stephanie Alphee at

Chemistry in the Kitchen
In this exciting, new program, girls of all ages can learn more about how cooking and baking are based on some of the most basic ideas of science.  Girls will determine the differences in chemical and physical reactions as they change sugar to delicious caramel candy, bake cupcakes, or even make a soda explosion!  Older girls will experiment with chromatography and find out about the make-up of some of their favorite candy, while younger girls will learn about density as they create their own liquid totem.  Each girl will leave this event with a book full of fun chemistry experiments to do both in the kitchen and all around the house with friends or family members. Girls will receive a Kitchen Chemistry Patch. Check our events calendar to find out when the next session for your troop will be or contact STEM Specialist Stephanie Alphee at to find out more information on this program.

Science Wonders
Girls will explore the mysteries of science as they work with electricity, air pressure, and water.  They will meet and work alongside women scientists who will answer questions and share their knowledge.  All girls who attend this event will earn and receive the Science Wonders fun patch.  To register for this event, please visit our events calendar or contact STEM Specialist, Stephanie Alphee at for more information.

Do you like to make things? Be creative? Or think outside the box? Then the Lady EinSTEMs is the group for you! This is a group that focuses around girls that are interested in any or all aspects of science, technology, engineering, or math. However, we also welcome any girl who wants to be creative and change the world around her. The group is open to girls in grades 4-12 and we believe that whatever a girl’s passion is, it can be supported through the exploration of science and technology. The group meets once a month at the GSCM Urban Planning and STEM Center where we work through various STEM activities and then take-on a community based activity. The Lady EinSTEMs is very much girl-led, having the members choose the activities we do and how we go about changing out world. The dues are $25 per girl, which include a Lady EinSTEMS shirt and access to several of our STEM materials. To register for this event, please visit our events calendar or contact STEM Specialist, Stephanie Alphee at for more information.

Afterschool Universe
In this after school astronomy program for middle to high school students, girls can explore astronomy concepts and engage in hands-on activities that take them through the Universe Beyond the solar system. The program was developed in the Astrophysics Science Division at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. To schedule this program or to simply get more information, please contact STEM Specialist Stephanie Alphee at for more information.

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