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Service Team Toolkit

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New Volunteer Support/Meet and Greets

Adult Learning Attendance Form
Meet and Greet Orientation
GSCM New Leader Checklist
New Volunteer Support
Business Card Template


Adult Recognitions Digest
Thank You Thank You Thank You
Request For Numeral Guards


The Community is Your Key
Reasons for Becoming A Girl Scout Leader
Techniques for Recruiting Volunteers
Twenty-five Ways to catch and Keep Volunteers
Recruitment Speech
Overcoming Hesitance to Volunteer
Volunteer Scavenger Hunt
Chatter Box
Girl Scouts Elevator Speech
Girl Interest Sign Up Form
Recruitment Plan Worksheet
Recruitment Plan of Work


Keeping Middle School Girls in Girl Scouts
Retention Letter

Service Team Educational Tools

Welcome to the Service Team
Service Unit Plan of Work
Communication Skills
How to Plan Effective Meetings
Spice Up Your Service Unit Meetings

Leader Needs Assessments and Survey
Service Team Positions and Skills
Service Unit Wrap Up
Call Log
Resolving Conflict

Service Unit Workshop Resources

Workshop Report
Brainstorming with Girls
Communication and the Girl Scout Law
GSCM Policies
Leave No Trace
Leave No Trace Game
Managing Girl Behavior
Parent Engagement
Throw Away Your Troubles
Time Management
Trip Planning
Troop Financial Management
Conflict Resolution


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