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STEM Week on GSCM’s Blog

Girl Scouts believes that girls are natural scientists; they push boundaries, test limits, and look at the world around them with inquisitive eyes. Debbie Sterling, a female in the male-dominated world of engineering, agrees with this notion. As she began studying engineering at Stanford Debbie was bothered by the lack of women in her program; once she got out into the work force, the issue only became more prominent. This prompted her to develop a toy that would “get little girls to love engineering as much as I do,” she said.

Click here to read more about one toy company that is trying to get the attention of young girls at an early age in order to engage them in STEM activities.

All week long we will be talking about various STEM initiatives for different stages in your Girl Scout’s life on our blog.

  • Calendar icon August 5, 2013
  • Category icon News

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