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Support GSCM’s Living Shoreline Project

Below is a sample letter that we are asking volunteers, girls and families to send to their Maryland State representatives in support of GSCM’s Living Shoreline Project. Click here to find your legislator!

Thank you!

Dear (Delegate/Senator)

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland is seeking Bond Bill funding for our Camp Whippoorwill’s Living Shoreline Project.

A living shoreline for Camp Whippoorwill would combine use of plants, sand and specific placement of rock to protect and stabilize the shoreline and existing wall along the nearly 700 foot shoreline. An existing 130 foot living shoreline demonstration area was constructed nearly 8 years ago with a coir fiber log used as the structural base. The log has been long lost over time, but the sand and plants continue to protect the rock wall and shoreline. This concept brought up to date with properly spaced rock and sand for the entire shoreline will help ensure continued protection of upland slopes, water filtration of run-off and the creation of habitat.

Restoration of the living shoreline will ensure that the soil, steep slopes and trees are maintained in their natural environment. Preservation of our waterways ensures that Girl Scouts of Central Maryland maintains our properties in proper stewardship for the future of our girls and the community at-large.

Please VOTE FOR GIRLS.  Please lend your support and vote for the Girl Scouts’ Bond Bill – SB #1050/HB#1487.   Over 40,000 Maryland Girl Scouts and their families are counting on YOU!

Thank You!

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